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LaDee-Da Kids Spa - Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Tampa, FL

Birthdays are one of the days kids look forward to, so giving them memorable parties is a priority of some parents.

However, planning and executing one takes time, effort, and money.

To spare you from the hassle and stress that planning may cause, we can help you with kids’ birthday party ideas in Tampa, FL. At LaDee-Da Kids Spa, you won’t have to think of the best venues, themes, and concepts anymore; everything is on us!


If you want to learn why we are the best at organizing kids' birthday parties in Tampa, FL, check us out:

1. Our staff are friendly and approachable

Every kid is different. Some are shy, energetic, laid-back, or cheerful. Regardless of their personality, we train our staff to help kids enjoy every second of the parties you throw for them.

We have planned and organized many parties before and received many 5-star ratings from parents. Well, it just proves that our staff knows how to cater to every kid’s needs.

LaDee-Da Kids Spa - Our staff are friendly and approachable
LaDee-Da Kids Spa - rainbow cake

2. We do all the planning and execution

As mentioned earlier, you won’t have to worry during the planning stage of your kid’s birthday party. LaDee-Da Kids Spa will do the job for you, including coming up with themes, ideas, and decorations for your kid’s birthday party in Tampa, FL.

We understand that you might be busy with other important things, and that is why we are here!

3. We have cool birthday packages

At LaDee-Da Kids Spa, we have prepared some available packages. Aside from the fact that they are made perfect for kids, we also offer these packages for very affordable prices. Here is a list of our packages:
LaDee-Da Kids Spa - We have cool birthday packages
LaDee-Da Kids Spa - We have a spacious and unique venue

4. We have a spacious and unique venue

If you are also thinking about places to have kid’s birthday parties in Tampa, FL, we have a special offer for you! Since birthdays only happen once a year, why not make them unique and memorable?

We can conduct your kid’s birthday party in our very spacious kids’ spa! Who says that adults are the only ones allowed to go to spas and salons? At LaDee-Da Kids Spa, our services are specifically for kids.

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They trusted us! We are very happy because we have happy customers!

Amanda Kerley
Amanda KerleyGoogle Reviews
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"We absolutely love LaDee-Da Kids Spa! It is such a fun, cute place! Perfect for kids. Both of my daughters have had their hair cut here, birthday parties here, fairy hair and even donated their hair! It’s such a wonderful salon and Tiffany is the best!"
Jen Salmon Welch
Jen Salmon WelchFacebook Reviews
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"10/10 would recommend!!! This place is AMAZING and will make your little girl feel like a Princess Hailey was wonderful! Thank you so much for making her 5th birthday so special!"
Sarah D.
Sarah D.Booksy Reviews
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"Yet another great day at the salon. Turley made my daughter feel fancy and she has not stop talking about it since. My son loved to dance as his sister got her hair done. Perfect for a special birthday celebration."
Kellen Helies
Kellen HeliesGoogle Reviews
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"I take my boys here for their stylish cuts! Always friendly, clean, and so good with wiggly kids. I've been taking my oldest who will be 7 since he was 2 and little brother is now 4, he's been going since 2 as well."
Jada Bond
Jada BondGoogle Reviews
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"I took my daughter here as a birthday gift last year. LaDee-Da turned her into a little princess! She loved it so much, she is going back tomorrow as a birthday gift again this year! She is so excited and cannot wait to be done up again!"
Shauna F.
Shauna F.Booksy
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"Tiffany has cut my daughter’s hair a number of times and always does a great job. My daughter loves coming to Ladee-Da! She always feels so special and the staff is super friendly."
Valerie Rutledge
Valerie RutledgeFacebook Reviews
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"I am super pleased with the experience! My girls felt like true little queens! We will be back! As girls, we must take care of ourselves and this is an amazing spa that specializes in everything from hair to nails to wardrobe! Super fabulous"
Diana Knox
Diana KnoxFacebook Reviews
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"Awesome first hair cut experience, I was very nervous about it and was definitely stalling but his mullet was getting out of hand. We will definitely be back! Tiffany did great with my son and a super cute haircut for my 1.5 year old!"
Magen P.
Magen P.Booksy
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"Took my daughter to hailey for her first haircut and my daughter was really nervous but hailey was great with her. The owner is so nice and makes sure the kids have fun from the minute they walk in."
Maria S.
Maria S.Tripadvisor Reviews
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"Had a blast at a birthday party the 5 year olds just had a smile on their faces the entire time. Aurora came and stayed with the party for a fashion show and sang to the girls. Such a sweet place for a party."

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Looking for places to have kids’ birthday parties in Tampa, FL, is stressful, let alone doing all the planning and decorating. Kids indeed deserve the best birthday parties, but you do not have to go through all that stress when you choose LaDee-Da Kids Spa! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now, and we’ll gladly assist you with your kid’s birthday party in Tampa, FL!